Ranjita sinha born as Ranjit sinha of a very conservative family where her father belonged to the natives of UP and mother had her origination in the roots of Bengal.

Ranjita Sinha, is a front-running TG activist who  hails from Kolkata and has represented the very vibrant Transgender Community across the eastern and north-eastern part of India. She has represented herself at all national and international forums, consultations and conferences including academic ones championing the voices of the Transgender community.

Ranjita sinha is the pioneer who established the first India registered Network of Transgender in  West Bengal  in the year 2008. Turning to the pages  we can note some  works that are to be marked. She is been associated with11 organization   working in different parts of Bengal where FTM and MTF all are to be noted in organizations like Anandam,Jalpaiguti Uttarayan,Dinajpur Natun Aloo,Birbhum Samporko ,Gour Banglar sangram,Gokale Road Bandhan,Snehonir,Bandhu, Sampoorna and Collective Soul. 

 Another work of Ranjita sinha has marked a Transgender Day in the history of Bengal when in the year 2008 where the supreme court verdict was also not established she along with the co-operation of leading agencies of india as NACO, UNDP,ALLIACE INDIA ,WBSAPCS etc has celebrated Transgender Day in Bengal . Another initiative of Ranjita Sinha in the field of empowerment was the projectSnehonir where the inert talent was expelled from the view that Transgender Community only deals with Begging, Sex work etc leading to the Self Made Group which showed the handcraft , jewellery and other creative things made by the Community people.

We know that the work always waits for the pages to be written about them in history So even the  ongoing work which had started for the development of Community  and which will  be going on  in the coming era has been honored by Numerous Awards .. few are scrolled below…NFI’s C. Subramaniam  Award program Mahasweta Devi award ,Udaan Women Award ,  Award,YMCA Youth Award and many more

 She has been a part of numerous academic forums where she has spoken vehemently against systemic marginalization, inferiorization and discrimination prevailing in spite of the legal recognition by the supreme court of India. Ranjita has also made enormous efforts for social inclusion and acceptance of TG community by mainstream society by participating and organizing activities such as DurgaPuja  wherein large numbers of Kinnars took part, and felt recognized as an important part of the society.

For her Activism She honored to get a member of West Bengal transgender development Board and National transgender Task Force.