Shahina Javed is a peace activist working in Kolkata’s Rajabazar locality. She promotes women’s empowerment and is a fighter against domestic violence. Shanina works among young girls in her locality to make them strong enough to fight against any kind of violence and injustice.  Shahina runs an NGO named Roshni Youth Group. As part of her women’s empowerment program, Shahina has formed a women’s football team in Rajabazar and organizes tournaments. Her efforts faced stiff resistance in the initial days because the community elders did not approve of girls playing football.  But Shahina continued to talk to the community leaders and convince them. Her community has now acknowledged Shahina’s leadership abilities and extended support to her initiatives that includes organizing health camps, counselling and even hosting a Raksha Bandhan event.

In 2009, Shahina was made a youth fellow with Thoughtshop Foundation, Kolkata, for her deep understanding of social and community issues. In 2010, she was selected for participating at the National Meet of Changemakers. Shahina led the West Bengal team at the We Can Campaign, which was part of a global campaign supported by international NGO Oxfam, to end violence against women. Shahina’s work is a shining example of how to defeat violence and promote mutual understanding through sincere and dedicated work.