Jayanti is a young journalist from Malkangiri, Orissa. Along with that she is passionately working with women of local tribal community. Recently, however, a number of organizations have come up with the necessary awareness programs to raise awareness about seasonal women’s hygiene. But the women of Orissa’s ‘Bara Didi’ group are really different. They are all indigenous. The work started in 2019 with the permission of the local administration. And since then, they have taught more than 5,000 adolescents the lessons of seasonal hygiene.

According to Jayanti Buruda, the main organizer of this volunteer group, in most cases no one opens his mouth when it comes to talking to everyone together. So they have emphasized on a separate conversation with everyone. Of course, even there, it is not as common for young adults to share their experiences as it is for young men. They also began to hide themselves. However, as a result of repeated communication, in many cases the relationship becomes easier.