Samim, a fighter in her own right is changing the world, one hand at a time!

Through long cold nights when hundreds of young boys and girls try to make a living by working incessantly in call centres while craving for their mother’s warm home cooked meals, Samim ensures that they don’t go to bed on an empty stomach. Samim and her army of home cooks deliver tiffins or dabbas to these hungry souls. When Samim wasn’t allowed to step out of her house, she decided to NKUTCl-ind ._’ FOUNDATION break tradition. Despite coming from a conservative Manipuri Muslim family from Lakhipur in Assam, Samim broke barriers to make something out of her life. Unlike other girls in her village, Samim went onto become a graduate from Assam University through distance learning. Post studies, she started working at a beauty salon to make ends meet and take care of her deprived family. But, she wasn’t satisfied. Bidding farewell to her family and three young brothers, Samim came to Guwahati in search of a job in order to support her folks. She became an active volunteer at We Are Young (WAY) Foundation, a Guwahati based non for profit youth-led initiative working towards promoting empowering spaces for youth leadership. While volunteering with WAY, Samim came across several women and children hailing from marginalized sections of the society and in dire need of help.It’s here that she decided she had to do something to support them. Samim herself came from a sidelined and conformist family and she knew the enormous challenges such women face in their lives. Thus started Samim’s enterprise of taking help of such women to start her food delivery initiative. Her establishment is named Lunchbox. Her vision was simple – to make these women independent, thereby self-sustainable. Samim’s initiative Lunchbox delivers home-made meals to office goers made in very hygienic conditions.Over the past 1.5 years, Samim and her team has delivered 2 500+ meals to a bunch of happy clientele. But what’s most important to Samim today the gratification it gives to be able to help a bunch of women financially support themselves and their families through Lunch box. Apart from running Lunchbox, Samim has created something called a 5th space within them where in their free time in the kitchen women gather around to connect with each other, have discussions and share their stories of struggles, their triumphs and their liberation, something that they’d never experienced earlier. Samim also conducts monthly gatherings inviting other women from the colony to share and talk about the contentment and challenges they face in their lives. Samim and her team constantly motivate women to report domestic violence with the higher athourities. William Shakespeare was correct when he believed that while some are born great, some achieve greatness! Samim Sultana’s tale is that of a woman who was not just born a fighter but her incredible journey proves that she’s also the ultimate survivor after being plunged into the depths of misery.