I am Smita Parmar social activist, hails from Gujarat, Working in Bihar with the Mahadalit community {untouchables}.

I am second in my family among six siblings. From childhood I had seen how my parents were so kind to poor and were respecting Harijan (Dalits in Gujarat), always use to think why my parents are doing so much for these people. In answer my parents used to tell me God has given us in abundance and it is our duty towards the nation to give back. As a young girl I wanted to be a business woman and have a luxurious life; however God had a different dream for me. After finishing my M.A. in Sardar Patel University I joined the congregation Medical Mission Sisters, I decided to be a nun in spite of my parents will. I moved to Pune and was involved in red area especially with prostitute children and who are affected with HIV/AIDS. It was wonderful experience working with them. I learned a lot about them and respect them; thereafter I went to do MBA in St. Xavier’s institute of management Jabalpur. I passed with flying colure. In campus hiring the reliance company offered me a job with high salary, however my path was different.  After my studies I opted to work in Bihar, Hajipur with Mahadlit community in 2013.

I am passionate to work for this community who is deprived and oppressed. They have no dignity, no basic facilities and no one cares for them. They are called rat eaters stays out of villages in small hamlets.  Swabhiman Lok Seva Sansthan works for Mahadlit community in Vaishali district, Bihar. We work in field of education, health and human rights. Empowering them by creating awareness by organizing training, seminars and exposure. Self help groups for women is the best weapon to make them self reliant and helping them to come out from bondage laborers and taking dept form landlords. We are working with adolescents and youth groups, they are the best way to connect with them and empower them. Children’s parliaments are very active and ready to take up issues in villages. We are able to create livelihood for people by giving them training in arts and crafts.

I have a Swabhiman Nukud team with illiterate village women. They are the best in performance. We take up many issues and performing nulkud in the district to create awareness. We continue crating awareness and empower the community with creativity and passion.