Empowering Transgender Community through self help group

Priyanka belongs from a small flood affected area in Malda. Born as a male but since her childhood in her heart and soul she was a female. Given her feminine nature she was discriminated at school, at society and inside her family as well. At a later stage of her life she could identify herself as transgender women.

  Denouncing all these discriminations she decided to fight her rights. With her own fight she also decided to fight for the rights of the transgender community of Malda. On 2015 she and her community friends formed a self help group (SHG) consisting of transgender where they started making handicrafts products for livelihood and strengthen the Trans community at Malda.

In 2017 Priyanka started an informal learning and care center named ” SAPNO KI UDAAN ” for children of manual scavengers who are extremely deprived and also discriminated by the society because of their cast. The school is running out of Crowd Funding

Last year Priyaanka for her social work has been honored by District Legal Aid Society by appointing her as LOK ADALAT JUDGE for MALDA district Court.

She has been able to create partnership with IISWBM, the first ever management school in Bengal with a focus on strengthening her SHG

Her SHG was invited to the nationally famous Trans and Hijra Mela in Mumbai this year to showcase and sell their handcrafts